The Myth of Capitalism – Introduction and Chapter One

Dear Friends,

In November 2018,  The Myth of Capitalism: Monopolies and the Death of Competition is coming out.  It was picked as one of the Best Books of 2018 by the Financial Times, “This is a truly important book.”

You can order the book here.

I’ve decided to post the Introduction and Chapter One online.


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The endorsements have been extraordinary and humbling from left and right.  You can read the endorsements here.

“If you want to understand the real cause of rising inequality, discard Piketty and read Tepper instead. This is a tract for the times with a rare bipartisan appeal. “

NIALL FERGUSON, Milbank Family Senior Fellow, the Hoover Institution, Stanford, and author of bestseller The Ascent of Money

“A broad-ranging and deeply-researched analysis of the inexorable growth of monopolies and oligopolies over the past four decades…. Clear and highly accessible, the book takes no prisoners, arguing that monopolists’ funding and sloppy thinking has corrupted every aspect of the system, from politicians to regulators to academics.”

KENNETH ROGOFF, Professor of Economics at Harvard University, Author of bestseller This Time is Different

“Tepper and Hearn have written an impressive and important book….  One hopes that it will have the impact that it clearly deserves.”

MICHAEL SPENCE,  Economics professor at Stern School of Business NYU, Nobel Prize in economics 2001

“[Tepper and Hearn] provide an immensely readable and persuasive account, superbly well-informed by a mass of recent data and research.”

SIR ANGUS DEATON,  Princeton University, Nobel Prize in economics 2015

I hope you enjoy the book, if you do, please spread the word and recommend it to friends.